Many law firms are involved in the protection and management of an enterprise’s intellectual property portfolio, into which domain names are now fully integrated. 

Your are a trusted partner in helping clients navigate the legal landscape. But the online landscape has become more dangerous - reputation and identity theft is now dramatically affecting companies, not just individuals.

One of the fastest growing areas  of cybercrime is the misuse of company and brand identities. These profiteers use close variations of a company adress to:

* Create a fake of malicious sites that scam customers

* Profit from diverted web traffic

* Capture data from visitors who believe they are dealing with a legitimate company

Services you can provide to your clients via Neudomains: 

* Domain name portfolio management

* Monitor their brand names in +800 new top level domains

* Provide them with alerts when threats are found

* Help them take corrective action

* Identify web domains similar to their brands

We are proud of our heritage with law firms. We work in partnership with them and have a number of approaches to helping them protect their clients’ online properties. We can work alongside the law firm or simply provide a white-label service, whichever is most appropriate. All our services are available in this way including:

  • Domain name portfolio management
  • Strategic consultancy and advice
  • Domain portfolio audits
  • Reporting
  • Domain name watching