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SSL certificates are what you need to protect and secure any information exchanged on your website between you and customers, such as names, addresses, and credit card details. 

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, securing the transfer of sensitive data such as credit card or login information between a web browser and a server. Having an SSL certificate enables the data to be encrypted so that it can only be read by the authorised server.

Why do I need an SSL Certificate?

Although you may have a cPanel hosting plan which includes a shared SSL Certificate, this certificate will always show Netregistry as the owner. A dedicated certificate will show your company as the owner (via the click to verify link) of the security on your site, which increases your brand’s presence and improves your customers' trust in your website.

SSL Certificate BENEFITS

An SSL certificate will provide you with 3 major advantages:


All of your communication will be encrypted, including URL's, credit card information and browsing history.


SSL showcases your site as being secure with visual cues, such as a lock icon, green bar and seeing HTTPS in your URL.


Stay ahead of your competition. Having HTTPS in your URL automatically boosts your google ranking.

Neudomains knows that security and trust are two key words critical to the success of any business on the Internet.  We use SSL certificates to provide consumers with the security and trust of knowing that they are dealing with a legitimate entity when transacting online by providing both information security and verification of identity. When information travels across online networks without SSL encryption, that data is in full view of potential identity thieves. Secure Sockets Layer Certificates (SSLs) are used to encrypt data and authenticate parties, so that only those authorized are able to access and use the data.

Digital Certificates for Every Security Need Secure a website, device, or anything else by choosing from our full suite of certificate products. 

For companies requiring a high level of authentication, Neudomains offers SSL certificates with Extended Validation (EV). EV certificates demonstrate a higher level of security and provide visual assurance for online transactions. Digital certificates are created for a specific domain name, on a particular server for a verified business entity to demonstrate that a valid organization owns the website and the transmission of personal data, such as credit card information is protected.

Our SSL Digital Certificate offering provides clients with competitive pricing and flexibility to select certificates from major Certified Authorities (VeriSign, Thawte and GeoTrust). We help clients in determining which certificates are the most appropriate for their needs, and then assist in the provisioning of the certificates and the ongoing renewal and management of the portfolio.

NeUdomains  offers customers a free listing service for all digital certificates via our  online portal allowing them to keep a central register of all their SSLs. The listing service provides easy access to information regarding the company's digital certificates and renewal dates for a streamlined approach to ongoing certificate management.

Neudomains can check the status of your SSL Certificates by offering you a no obligation SSL Certificate audit to highlight:

  • The expiration date of your SSL Certificates
  • The number of SSL Certificates on your websites (on external sites only)
  • Current providers of your SSL Certificates

All Your Certificates. A Single Platform.

Security Solutions: From standard, organization validated certificates to Wildcards, SSL Certificates provide the solution you need to respond immediately to threats and secure identity across your network. 

Enterprise: Whether you need to protect your website, your connected devices, or your company’s reputation, Neudomains provides an array of scalable, PKI-based security solutions.

Small &  Medium Business:  Whether you need to secure your flagship website or a piece of  code, our certificates protect customer data and help smallbusinesses establish online trust.

Internet of Things:: Public Key Infrastructure certificates are an important part of developing a complete IoT security solution. By authenticating devices, encrypting confidential data, and maintaining data and system integrity, certificates establish online trust and reliable security.