Corporate Domain Management

Everything you need toMAKE YOUR BRAND VISIBLEIn the new domains era we help companies to protect brands online.

Everything you need to---MAKE YOUR BRAND VISIBLE---In the new domains era we help companies to protect brands online.

Our Corporate Domain Name Management, organise, compare, research and understand your portfolio

Are your domains scattered across multiple registrars? Do you think the process of transferring your domains to a new provider will create excessive work for you? . We handle all the work and once your portfolio is centralised you will manage your domains more efficiently, strategically and cost-effectively.  For assistance with transferring domains, contact us today. 

All start online with domain names. Domain names provide the fundamental building block to your online presence. In most cases, a web address is more important than a physical address. Domain names are business assets. Registering a domain is the first step to a successful online business

Protecting your domains, your brands and your corporate reputation requires continual diligence. Creating an ideal domain portfolio is a good start to establishing and protecting your corporate brands online.

To promote and protect their brands on online, many organizations have accumulated extensive portfolios of domain names. As these portfolios have grown in size and diversity, these organizations have found it increasingly difficult to manage them effectively. Domain names specialist are forced to make decision about how, where and when to register domain names.  



* Inefficient

* Little consideration to business value

* Very expensive

* Time consuming


* Improve efficiency

* Reduce cost

* Increased asset value


The long-term value of Strategic Portfolio Management

Today, most domain names portfolio management processes are inefficient, highly expensive and often result in questionable value. Efficient domain name portfolio management is important, yet can take many forms. 

On one hand, it can include the efficient use of time to expedite the pending domain name applications within a portfolio.  On the other hand, it can include the management of people both internally with an in-house domain name team and externally with outside counsel in various jurisdictions.  And it can also include the efficient management of annuities and maintenance fees. 

The combination of these can be challenging especially with a large and diverse portfolio, but a necessity for a properly managed portfolio. This is precisely why Neudomains developed a unique syste management approach that makes portfolio development more efficient and can enhance the value of your IP. Our model offers significant savings while improving performance metrics and driving domain names quality.

Efficient domain name portfolio management also includes the efficient use of internal and external human resources.  The size and resource allocation of the in-house team should be evaluated to ensure resources are not too thin so quality suffers and not wasted on a bloated internal team.  This balance can be tricky but is key to financial efficiency.  In addition, outside counsel should be managed appropriately.

Finally, careful management of maintenance, renewal, and annuity fees can be important to efficiently managing active assets.  These fees can be expensive and useless if an asset has no value.  A review of domain name value prior to paying maintenance fees is critical to ensuring that maintenance fees for valuable assets are paid.  Several tools can be used to determine an assets value such as high-medium-low (HML) analysis.  This analysis can be done in house or using one of several tools or third-party supplies.   Regardless of the analysis used, it is important to regularly review asset quality prior to paying maintenance fees. 

Your brand assets and intellectual property are your unique identifiers. When it becomes popular the value becomes diluted and it no longer distinguishes your goods or services from others. Registering and monitoring use of your brand names protects your brand’s identity.


Neudomain´s begins by auditing the client's known domain portfolio, identifying all domain-name assets and analyzing the gaps in a managed portfolio. We then consolidate these various domains into a single repository, where they can be managed efficiently and cost-effectively. Domain Management delivers simplified, auditable domain administration at every step, so domain registry changes are completed quickly and correctly, protecting and securing your interests on the Internet. It´s essential for companies combine the need for promotion with protection. 


While we focus on developing your portfolio, you can innovate, invent, and focus on your business.  We will be your partner every step of the way, strategically and tactically, to maximize your R&D investment in the strongest IP portfolio possible.

Our Domain Name Registration and Management services include:

Domain Name Registrations

Submit and track registration requests and modifications.

Domain Name Transfers

Transfers are complex and chaotic. Neudomains simplifies them.

Neudomains provides one solution to manage all aspects of your transfers process.

Local Presence Services

Local addressing services with technical and billing contacts for various ccTLDs.

Auto Renewal

Eliminates the possibility of domain name expiration due to administrative oversight.

Domain Name Management Portal

The online portal allows domain managers to easily perform the most common domain name administration activities such as placing and tracking orders for gTLDs, ccTLDs and IDN-ccTLDs and requesting modifications to managed domains.

Domain Name Acquisitions

Neudomains can also assist with acquiring or recovering domain names from third party owners, or selling unwanted domain names.

Domain Name Recovery

We handle all aspects of a UDRP case filing on your behalf and ensure there is effective communication between the UDRP Panel and your organization. 


* Register, renew and transfer domains

* Export domain name portfolio details (Excel and CSV)

* A country-code top-level domain (ccTLD) search function

* A generic top-level domain (gTLD) search function

* Domain Backorders

* Domain name server (DNS) configuration access

* Purchase and renew SSL certificates

* A real-time Whois domain name database search function

* Sub-user accounts, allowing restricted access to selected features of the portal

* Two-Factor Authentication as an additional layer of security


* A dedicated account manager

* Competitive pricing

* Access to over 1000 domain extensions

* Flexible billing options (daily, monthly, quarterly or annual)

* Free domain training courses for clients and staff members

* A local market presence to allow, where possible, the registration of restricted domains