• What is a gTLD?

    TLD stands for Top-Level Domain, while gTLD stands for generic Top-Level Domain. A gTLD is the extension at the end of a web address: .com, .org, and .net are just a few. The new domain spaces discussed on this website are referred to as "new gTLDs". 

  • How many new gTLDs are expected?

    Over the next 2–3 years, ICANN is expected to delegate approximately 900 new gTLD Registries. Most Neudomains clients' brands are expected to meet the eligibility requirements necessary to register domain names in approximately 500 of these new gTLDs.

  • When will new gTLDs be released?

    The first new gTLDs will be delegated in Q4 of 2013 and ICANN intends to delegate up to 50 Registries per month. It is anticipated that these new gTLD Registries will launch over the next three years.

  • Who are ICANN, and how are they involved?

    ICANN, or the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, are a global non-profit organisation. They're responsible for the coordination and oversight of the global Internet system, including management of address spaces. You can visit their website here www.icann.org 

  • Are all new gTLDs open to the public?

    No, some gTLDs will be used by the successful applicant for their own internal corporate use, and will not be offering domain registrations to the public. Sunrise periods will only be open to third party trademark holders in “open” gTLDs where domain registrations will be made available to the public, or (where applicable) eligible community members, businesses and individuals. 

  • Will Neudomains offer registration services across all new gTLDs?

    Yes. Neudomains  intends to provide registration services across all new gTLDs where our clients meet eligibility requirements.

  • When will the new gTLDs be available for registration?

    The first group of the 500 new gTLDs will be available for registration from Q4 2013. There are a number of registration phases – see below for more information. 

  • What are the registration phases — Pre-Registration, Sunrise, Landrush and General Availability?

    The trademark pre-registration period is already underway. Trademark owners can register their marks with the Trademark Clearinghouse to be eligible to pre-register domain names during the new gTLD Sunrise periods.

    The Sunrise period is a registration period specifically for trademark holders. Please note that those with registered trademarks receive first preference for the new domain spaces..

    Landrush occurs after the Sunrise period and before the General Availability phase. Landrush is a premium registration period, ideal for those seeking out popular domain names without a registered trademark. If more than one valid application is received for a domain name, the name will be entered into auction and applicants will be invited to bid.

    The General Availability period is open to the public, and operates on a first come, first served basis. 

  • I'm a business looking to register a new gTLD domain name. What's my first step?

    To get the domain name you want, make sure you register your trademark with the Trademark Clearinghouse. As official trademark agents, we can do this for you.

    Validating your trademark will ensure you're eligible for the Sunrise periods. You will then need to submit your verified trademark information along with your Sunrise application. This can be done through NeUdomains .

  • What happens if there is more than one registrant per domain name during Sunrise?

    If two people apply for the same domain name, gTLD registries may use an auction platform to determine a winner. If you are not successful in securing the domain name you want through the auction process, your registration fee will be refunded (please note that your pre-paid Sunrise application fee is non-refundable). 

  • How much will it cost to register new domains?

    As prices will vary by Registry, costs for registering domains are currently unknown. Neudomains will notify clients as soon as pricing information becomes available.

  • How should brands prepare for the launch of new gTLDs?

    There are several steps brands can currently take to prepare. These include:

    • Identify and submit trademarks to the Trademark Clearinghouse
    • Review all new gTLD applications
    • Become familiar with Rights Protected Mechanisms (RPMs) such as the Uniform Rapid Suspension (URS), the Post-Delegation Dispute Resolution Policy (PDDRP) and the Registry Restriction Dispute Resolution Procedure (RRDRP)
    • Right-size and review your domain portfolio including ensuring domain policies are current and budgets are available for new registrations and associated required resources.