Domain Name Monitoring

Domain Name Monitoring

Brand Protection Has Never Been Easier.

Monitors and finds trademark infringement, counterfeit sales and brand abuse.

The first step in any brand protection strategy is monitoring the market and identifying infringements. Knowledge Is Power.  The way that you approach brand protection can affect the reputation of your brand. 

Neudomains monitoring service is a comprehensive brand protection system that lets attorneys monitor their clients’ trademarks, names and brands online. Neudomains provides an interactive dashboard and custom reports identifying suspect activity with links to websites, registration information, and updates. We help you grow your practice while protecting your clients’ business. 

When to Use Us: When you want to monitor and protect your company or client’s brand names against scammers, squatters, or competitors who want to take revenue and steal customers.

Domains that are vital to ongoing operations should be continually monitored for unauthorized DNS updates, changes to website content and DNS cache poisoning.  Cyber squatters are constantly seeking to exploit vulnerabilities in your online presence. You want to identify potential breaches before they become significant problems.

The next critical step for defending your brands online is to establish a strategic monitoring program that constantly searches the Internet for potential abuses.

Technology against online brand abuse

Say goodbye to monthly reports, lengthy spreadsheets and manual lookups. We know how much work it is to use traditional domain watch reports. With Neudomains’s domain monitoring service, you’ll be able to proactively identify and remedy online infringements and infractions—which makes you look like a hero to your client. And you’ll be able to do this in less time and at a lower cost—which makes you a hero to your firm. Neudomains ensures you have the best monitoring that could compromise the image of your trademark or business.

We’ve made domain name monitoring easier and more cost-efficient than ever. With Neudomains solution, you can protect your clients from the misuse of company and brand identities by quickly identifying and classifying potential threats before bad actors divert web traffic, steal revenue, and damage brand reputations.

Domain monitoring is important to detect criminal activities or disloyal competition regarding domain registering, while Content Monitoring is a way to help detect counterfeiting activities and defamation against your trademark.

Neudomains monitoring tool is an audit, investigation and monitoring solution that helps companies with their online brand protection efforts to reduce brand erosion through fraudulent practices, hence increasing their overall marketing ROI.

1. Domain name activation detection: 

When a domain becomes more than just a registration and points to a website. 

When a domain name is registered, it doesn't mean there has to be a website 'behind' it. 65% of domain registrations sit on 'holding pages' and are often registered by cyber squatters. Domain name activation tells you when a domain becomes a website. This allows you to then take potential further action. 

2. Whois change detection

When something changes on the public facing information for a domain name - be one of the first to know!

Who owns a domain name? Have they updated it recently with new owner, administration, technical or contact details? Have they renewed it? These are just some of the questions you can answer when detecting Whois changes.

3. Web page change detection

So you've seen a delegation change through Whois change detection. That led to a domain name pointing to an active website with domain name activation. Now you want to monitor changes on that or those webpages to see if your brand is referenced or just certain key words associated to your company or industry.

Neudomains assists global organizations protect their online reputations through:

Domain name monitoring service: monitors new registrations for potential infringements against your trademarks.

Internet Monitoring: By continuously tracking online tools allow you to effectively supervise your online presence

Email Monitoring: Allows anti-fraud service providers to proactively detect and protect their clients.

Social Media Monitoring: Monitors social media sites for issues of you brand.

App Mobile Monitoring: Our system can uncover brand infringement in the mobile space.

  • Trademark infringement
  • Logo/image abuse
  • Traffic diversion
  • Sponsored link abuse
  • False associations with unrelated third parties
  • Pay-per-click abuse
  • Offensive content

Make monitor easy. The smart solution to brand abuse online.