We help companiesCHOOSE NEW DOMAINS

We help companies---CHOOSE NEW DOMAINS

Creating your online presence starts with your domain name. 

The Internet is changing.  While many want to take a wait-and-see approach, we advise that companies begin to think about their digital strategy in the next generation of the Internet now to be prepared to adapt quickly.

As the Internet domain name space opens up an unlimited number of new Top-Level Domains (TLDs), global corporations will gain unprecedented opportunities to operate their own brand  on the Internet. But risks abound, too: TLDs could be sought by organizations with competing trademarks, resulting in lost traffic and brand degradation. Additionally, the new TLDs may offer fertile ground for cybersquatters and other brand abusers. We  will  suggest which new gTLDs to register and buy the chosen domains for you. Our service provides guidance on defensive domain registration in new TLDs, and technology for detecting and responding to brand infringement in new TLDs. Helps minimize brand abuse within new TLDs as they emerge with following steps:

  • Suggested TMCH trademark registrations
  • Recommendations for new gTLD registrations
  • Insight into optimizing your existing domain portfolio

The New gTLD strategy Service assists the Customer in developing a comprehensive strategy for new gTLDs tailored to the Customer’s individual business needs. - including whether or not to apply for one or more new gTLDs, and how to monitor and protect for brand infringement at both the top level and second level of new gTLDs and new IDN-ccTLDs (internationalized country code domain names).


Domain Portfolio Audit and risk analysis: Optimizes portfolio value by registering and/or recovering high-value domains, minimizes efficiency and resource drains associated with unnecessarily large portfolios, reduces costs by identifying lower-risk portfolio.

Domain Portfolio Optimization: Informs policing and remediation strategies for unauthorized registrations, informs updates to domain strategies to maximize portfolio value

Strategy, Guidelines and Policy: Development of guidelines for consistent domain name registration, management and strategy , facilitates planning and budgeting processes, ensures that ongoing domain registrations support corporate business objectives, provides the where, when and how for registering domains.

The new domain spaces will give you the opportunity to create a unique, focused and memorable domain name that your customers will remember, and allow you to align yourself within your industry, location or with a personal interest. All industries and types of business can benefit from these new opportunities.

Our specialists have many years of knowledge creating cost effective and sustainable solutions for companies globally.

Find out how Neudomains can help your company create a Strategy & Policy which counteract the launch of several hundred new generic domains.


Neudomains will create a domain name strategy that details the steps to effectively manage your domain portfolio.  When creating the strategy, we take multiple factors into consideration including your:

* corporate structure

* market and global presence

* competition

* commercial objectives

* perception of risk

The creation of a domain name strategy and policy document enables clear governance of domain name management and online brand protection within your organization.

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