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We help companies to---PROTECT AGAINST BRAND ABUSE


What is online brand protection?

Everything that is happening online around your brand that you cannot see. Neudomains not only helps you 'see' the 'hidden' but take action against those problems. Beyond Brand Awareness.

Companies with strong brands and significant Internet visibility are at tremendous risk for online brand abuse or trademark infringement – ranging from typosquatting and logo abuse to unauthorized product distribution (including counterfeiting).

Large and small companies face increasing threats and risks as intellectual property becomes more vulnerable online. 

Neudomains helps organizations identify and respond to online brand infringement  Using a combination of scanning technologies and human analysis, we provide early detection of possible cybersquatting and other fraudulent activity by monitoring of domain names, brands, logos, keywords and terms.  Help to protect your brand from cyber-squatting, fraud, counterfeiting, piracy, and other digital threats.

What is online brand abuse?

Online Brand Abuse is a trademark infringement can take differents ways, web content created by a third party, posting sensitive information by employees, boycott activity, activism or negative customer comments. Track potential cyber-squatters and be alerted when domain names are registered referencing your brand. Find and action counterfeit or grey market activity on market places. 

Why Brand Protection?

Large and small companies face increasing threats and risks as intellectual property becomes more vulnerable online. Find and action rogue websites creating brand reputation, piracy or fraud problems on Social Media, Mobile Application Stores and through Google organic links.


 Leading to loss of revenue and harm to you reputation.

* Cyber-Squatters: People registering domain names similar to, or an exact match to your brand, products, company or intellectual property. 

* Counterfeits

* Phishing: The use of your brand in emails to consumers, in front of you and gaining confidential information, through links back to rogue websites.

* Rogue Websites  (copycats) online marketplaces, social media and mobile applications are all possible locations for the promotion or direct sell of counterfeit goods. Redirection of traffic away from your legitimate websites and normally to sell counterfeit goods or to 'phish' for confidential information.

* Affiliation: False claims of affiliation, 'I have been working with', 'I am a legitimate reseller', 'In partnership with'. All forms of traffic diversion and potential negative impact to your brand.

* Reputation: Positive or negative sentiment regarding your products, brand, company or products. Sometimes deliberate in order to damage a brand, in other cases consumer right to reply.

Online brand abuse can cause:

* Damaged reputation

* Financial losses

* Aggravated customers

Why is Your Brand at Risk?

The growth and development of the internet have created new risks, they include cases of violation of intellectual property rights, exploiting of brand names, impersonations, identity theft, imitations, slander, misleading of customers, fraud, etc. The most common brand abuse techniques at the domain name level: 

* Domain names hijacking through counterfeits or modification in the registries.

* The usage of a company’s brand to attract users to other websites.

* Phonetic imitation of domain names.

* Phishing and Pharming – fraud and corporate impersonation.

* Web-site Shut-down through un-authorized modifications of domain definitions.

* Slander and distribution of offensive information over the Internet.

* Non renewal of domain names because of technical errors, which cause Shut-downs of web-sites, Shut-downs of mail servers, and the loss of the domain.

Neudomain’s protects brands in many platforms: Websites, marketplaces, mobile apps and PPC ads. When required, a team of experts is available to assist with response to online brand infringement.  An in-house team of advisors can also assist with registrant investigations to developing UDRP case actions. 

Online Brand Protection service should consist of two main components:

1. Brand Monitoring in order to identify content of interest to a brand owner which may be 1) be infringing or illegal, 2) have an adverse effect on a company, 3) security risk

2. Enforcement to have offending material to take down.



Knowledge is power

The battle to protect brands and intellectual property online is only going to grow more complex. In many cases, the front lines of this battle are at the domain name and DNS level. And as we have discussed here, the cost of inattention is potentially enormous.

Companies are well-advised to take advantage of domain and DNS-related data and tools in order to take proactive measures against all the forms of domain-based online brand abuse.  Find a brand protection strategy that´s fit for you.


Protect your brand
Promote your brand
Protect Revenues
Retain your traffic
Don't let them win

Neudomains  Online Brand Protection Services include:

Fraud Prevention

Helps reduce fraud via the email channel by finding and preventing actionable instances of email fraud and phishing.

Brand Monitoring

Monitors for illicit or unauthorized use of online digital assets that includes images and logos.  Our services also can detect negative sentiment relative to a company’s brand

Anti-Phishing and Anti-Counterfeiting

Helps identify activity that is associated with unauthorized brand, product and service promotion.

Website Shutdown & Domain Name acquisition

Assistance with taking fraudulent sites off-line and gaining ownership of the infringing domain name.

UDRP/DRP Management

Assistance with matters pertaining to mitigating online brand infringement from registrant investigation to management of DRP/UDRP and domain name recovery

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